Marnie Lewis Workman [Bigfoot rubber] recommends Vapour Wave Media.

June 24 at 1:57 PM · 

"VWM is awesome to work with! Kendra has great insights to share and is very professional. I have worked with her on a couple of projects and highly recommend Vapour Wave Media to any new company starting out and needing to establish themselves in this social media world, or an existing company that wants to reach more customers."

Dave Phillips  recommends Vapour Wave Media.

January 30 · 

"Working with VWM has been a pleasure.
Kendra has practical, executable strategies that get results.

We recently used her services to promote an event and saw a DRAMATIC INCREASE (ten fold our previous best) in online ticket sales!!

Some will say “they aren’t big enough for a social media strategy”...fine stay that way!"